So. This nanowrimo thing.

I may do this.  It’s crazy, man, crazy.  I have no business even thinking about it.  There’s every reason to believe I won’t be able to finish it.

But I may do this crazy thing.  I’ve churned out words before, but this November looks rough. Looks like a ridiculous time for me to even consider this insanity.

I wonder if I can have the name pooks.  I’m sure somebody else is already there with my name, damn it.  Maybe planetpooks?  I need to go sign up.


Who’s in it with me?

Come on. Do it. Try. Just try. I don’t want to do it alooooone!

November 1st approaches….

NOTE:  I’m there.  My name is (brace yourself) pooks!  Be my buddy!


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4 responses to “So. This nanowrimo thing.

  1. It’ll be my 6th year doing NaNoWrimo.

    My username is rkbentley if u wanna friend me.

    My goal is for 100k. 🙂

  2. I will be doing NaNo for the second time this year. Look forward to a lot of fun. My user name is premrao. Feel free to link up.

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