Another small digression.

What Wild EcstasyWhat Wild Ecstasy by Patricia Burroughs

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I wrote it. The adaptation I wrote was awarded a $30,000 Nicholl Fellowship in Screenwriting (presented by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences). I hope I can be forgiven for giving it five stars, understanding that ymmv! (Obviously the story had a lot more going for it than the bodice-ripper that the cover presents.)

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I may someday figure out how to scan it in and convert it and make it available as an e-book.  Unfortunately right now I haven’t the time or patience for it.

It’s so funny, I expected this book cover to be all desert-toned and dusty, and instead it was pink.

Pink? OMG, what on earth?  (Of course this was the 80s and pink and blue were the hottest color combo around, so it was hard to complain. Too much.)  And then I opened it–my first published book, oh my god, my baby… and reread the opening of the first chapter, first sentence of second paragraph:

Within minutes the peaks of the rugged mountains to the west appeared, bathed in pink and orange and magenta, honored by the sun’s first rays.

I’m just lucky they didn’t toss in orange.


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6 responses to “Another small digression.

  1. Ilene

    Why not have the cover redesigned to be more appropriate for the setting? I agree, the pink is a bit off for such an earthy drama. I had an ebook cover designed for $10 yesterday. 😉

    • Well, if I ever have it scanned and set up, that’s a thought. I’m also not sure about things like covers on e-books. The rights reverted to me a long time ago (gotta find that letter). But does that give me the right to use the cover? Not sure, and thinking possibly not.

  2. Pooks, too bad the movie deal fell apart 😦 because I *loved* that story. I mean, really, it just blew me away!

    • Thank you!

      That deal has fallen apart and resurrected so many times I now call it my Lazarus script. It never dies. The phone still rings and somebody still asks, “Is that still available…”

      And then we get to start over again.

      It’s like Groundhog Day. Or, you know, the New Testament.

  3. Oh good – you still get calls! It was the financing, right? That fell through? Lots of changes happen out there in Hollyweird, so just maybe I’ll get to see it on film. 🙂

    • It’s always the financing. And it’s hard to get financing for a female-driven movie unless you have Katherine Heigl or Angeline Jolie on board, and they don’t read scripts unless they come with a big-money offer attached. Ah well, as I said, time passes, but I do keep getting calls about it, so nothing is over.

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