Oh. My. Guh.

Take two of my loves, smash them together, and what do you have?

Moleskine® Kindle Cover

I think they should also make one with the Kindle on the other side, to make it easier for righties to write.  Maybe.  Might be more clumsy to read.  I’m not sure.

I do know I want one, though.

And speaking of Kindles, two more bits of info.

One, even though I haven’t mentioned it here, I did finish my rough draft of the novel that ate Detroit, and am now close to finishing editing it, which means I will be converting it and uploading it to the Kindle again, as I mentioned here, to help me read it with fresh eyes.

Two, prices have dropped on the Kindle and Nook, and from what I continue to read, the Kindle is still the superior product.

My goal: To finish the edit before the week is over, and oh what the heck let’s go a little crazy here, to finish a first draft of the synopsis, too.


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16 responses to “Oh. My. Guh.

  1. max

    This is very cool, both the moleskin kindle and finishing the rough draft.

    • Thank you. I finished the rough draft in the midst of life stuff that kept me too distracted to update here, but am very relieved to be getting near the end of the rewrite!

  2. When I first saw the Moleskine/Kindle (on Moleskine’s Fb page) I felt the squee, too! But unless you’re left-handed, it would hard to use. But then, even if the Kindle was on the left side, you’d still have the same problem with the pages of the Moleskine side flapping loose underneath while your using the Kindle. That’s assuming you can fold the whole thing back on itself. You know? I mean, they’d have to figure out how to make the pages unflappable. Oh now I’m confused, too. But still … it’s so I Want One!

    • I bought one to help me with my last polish! I’m reading on the Kindle and noting things to fix as they pop up. It’s not as big a prob as I thought it would be, actually. The lining is suede… it’s lovely. I’ll post pics eventually!

      Oh, and you’re the one who told me about them first. Thank you!

    • You could break the binding and fold it back. That sounds worse than it would be, I think. But I haven’t found it to be that big a prob. On the other hand, I will use my other binder when I am not expecting to take notes. So I bought it for a specific purpose. It’s not like writing extended pages. Just reading, pausing to make a note, reading more.

  3. Ilene

    When I saw you got “moleskin,” I was wondering if they really dig up moles for their skin. Googled it, and saw it’s merely a thick cotton fabric. No moles were killed today. Whew! Lots of relief here for our peaceful, hairy friends working underground.

    You seem to use your Kindle more than I do, as I’m loath to crack open even a magazine these days as I have to work. But it serves me well as the cool toy I keep plugged in next to the books. Its purpose is to hold the free classics Amazon makes available for download.

    My Kindle is covered with a silicone cover; not as classy as the moleskin, and makes it a bit hard to use the teeny button mouse.

    • I had a great gelskin cover that I loved, but then I had a prob with my Kindle. They replaced it, but I haven’t bought a new skin.

      Moleskine (with an e) is a super-cool notetaking book thingy. I love mine and have used various ones for years. I pretend I’m Hemingway, only, you know, with more sex and words.

  4. max

    How are the Kindle portion and note portion attached? From the photo the kindle looks like it is attached with brackets but maybe that is wrong? If that were the case, you could just reattach it upside down, turn it right side up, and you’d be set.

    I suppose it cannot be that simple or someone would be doing it right?

    • Well, duh. You are genius. It is that simple–almost. It’s attached with elastic bands on the corners so turning it upside down is easy.

      The only catch is that the moleskine is reporter-style, meaning that its bound on top instead of the side, and when it’s upside down, it opens DOWN, off the bottom of the case. But a person could figure out a work-around for that… hmmm. Suede doesn’t ravel, does it? Maybe use a razor to slit the suede so you can slide the moleskine in from the bottom (which would then be the top)…

  5. max

    Voila. It seems messy to cut the suede, but there is sure to be some sort of clamp that would just clamp the note pad in at the top of the page. Is it safe to send you to an office supply store or will we need to send a search party in after you?

  6. Sam

    I want a book that looks like a Kindle so I can pretend to be conforming.

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