Dancing the happy dance of happy!

One thing has annoyed me about my Kindle. That is that to download books, it has to be hooked up to a credit card.  I can make other purchases from my bank account, but not with 1-click purchases, which is the way Kindle is set up.

But today I discovered something.

According to a discussion I just read, you can purchase yourself an Amazon Gift Card and then give it to yourself. Once the credit shows on your account, any 1-click/Kindle purchases you make will come out of your credit before rolling over to your credit card.

This is made of win.

Oh, for the record, what I’m reading now. The sequel to Flesh and Fire: Book One of The Vineart War, which you can’t read yet, because it’s not out yet.

Sometimes knowing authors rocks.

And so does this book.

ETA: I am informed that you can also avoid the credit card by linking your Amazon account to a debit card. D’oh! However, some people use the gift cards to budget themselves. Put a certain amount on, and when it’s gone, it’s gone.

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