Hello, stranger?

Who How are you?

I am experiencing that right now, because I started rereading the Ridiculously Long Work in Progress a.k.a. my novel.  I’m not finished writing the first draft yet, but am on top of the Big Finish, was having trouble working out the details, and decided now was as good a time as any to reread.

This has been a time of, “Wow, did I write that?” And, “Whew, I made that work better than I thought I did.”  And, “Eeeeeek!!!1! I forgot this? How did I forget this?!? This means what I just wrote doesn’t work!!!”

Yeah, hello stranger, who are you? My book?  Really?  I guess when I write 180,000+ words in nine months or so, maybe it’s not surprising that I have lost a lot of details.

I converted it to a Kindle-ready format using a free software program, calibre. It’s amazing how different it looks when it looks like a real book as opposed to a manuscript.  Things are jumping out of me that didn’t before. I love this. I highly recommend this as a way of reading a work in progress. It gives “fresh eyes” by making it look very different from the words on your screen when you’re writing them.

But mainly I’m happy.  Mainly I love what I’m reading. Mainly it’s working out well.

And the end pieces were beginning to click into place when–

My mom ended up in the hospital.  She’s fine, just one of those long, tedious, uninteresting stories that resulted in me spending most of every day there, not writing.  So now that (fingers crossed) it looks like life is about to ease into a more normal mode, I’m in the same place again.

Thinking, “Wow, I’m at home, I can write!”

Followed by, “Wait, where was I? What was I going to write next? I don’t remember!”

Yeah, this is where I came in.

Hello, stranger. What did you say your name is again?


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