Green Eyes, revisited

Because you simply never know what kind of post is going to strike a chord, I had no idea when I posted on “green eyes” that it would become the most visited entry on my blog, daily, for years (and still is).

Last night, while at the Cowboy game, it hit me that I needed to mention a particular green-eyed guy.

Now those are some gorgeous green eyes.

And one heck of a wide receiver.

Go Miles!

Go Cowboys!


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7 responses to “Green Eyes, revisited

  1. Didja know my nephew is Austin Myles? And he’s from New Jersey, too. He’ll be eight next July. He doesn’t know to like the Cowboys yet. He still likes Monster Trucks.

  2. Give him time. He’ll see the light.

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  5. cinderella

    he is sooooo sexy him chris brown

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