Recycling Cover Art

So, libraryjobpostings had an interesting display of cover art that has been reused (and sometimes reused and reused and reused).  In some cases, when the original source is a piece of artwork that is in public domain, it’s not so surprising that more than one art department has seen fit to use it:

In others, I guess they didn’t want to spend any money and the art department thought nobody would ever notice:

The odd thing here is that Viking and New American Library are part of the Penguin publishing group so may share the same art department, but Del Rey is part of the Random House group and if there’s any connection between Penguin and Random House, I don’t know it.

And this may be from some public domain source, but if so, the libraryjobposting people didn’t indicate it:

Finally, I’m just not a fan of the generic romance cover to begin with, and this does nothing to change my opinion:

At least Zebra Lovespell waited five years to reuse it, and changed her haircolor and dress color.

Follow the link at the top of this post for more recycled covers. ‘Tis interesting!


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3 responses to “Recycling Cover Art

  1. Yes, I thought that was an interesting display the Library Jobs Postings folks put together.

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