Time Travel Friday

Today is Bike to Work Day in the US, but work is so dismal, I’d rather have fun instead.

So, hop on your old English touring bike and let’s go back to May, 1955!

The really pretty scenery is in this next section–and don’t forget some ale and grub, lest you get “a touch of the bonk!”

That makes me want a Ploughman’s lunch. Sigh.


The above ploughman’s lunch was eaten at Forest Inn in Dartmoor. And wouldn’t Dartmoor be a brilliant place to ride bikes?

Of course then I start thinking about Old Peculier, which I drink because Melrose Plant drinks it and also because when I say I drink it, people who know ale are impressed. (What, me shallow?)

(from this site)

However, that might lead to this:


So instead I shall stick to this:

(from my own travel pics)

And now, I’m off to ride here:


Don’t forget to check out the time travel videos, via Lisa SH on the team estrogen boards.

Have fun!

Edited to add, the more things change, the more they stay the same, yay!


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7 responses to “Time Travel Friday

  1. Those British touring group videos are fun to watch.

  2. I recognize that English breakfast by the warming pad and the cooked tomatoes. I’ll be having some of those soon.

  3. *g* hilarious! :_)))
    Oh you make me long for England, but knowing it would just make me weep, being there and NOT find the real Ardry End, no Long Pidd, no Melrose, no Ruthven, no Marshall, (I’ll leave out Agatha, as I’m not really keen on finding her!) and I could sneak into Scotland Yard and NOT find Jury there, no Wiggins, no Racer, no Fiona, and- worst of all: NO Cyril!! – *sob* I’ll rather stay at home and pretend they are there! :-)))
    Kind regards and have a nice day!!

  4. Rob R — Yep, I agree! Makes me want to go with them, or take a tour now.

    CG — Yum. YUM.

    Nanna — Perhaps you’ve already been to England and know what to expect, but I’ve found I love it even without Ardry End! (Melrose is my favorite.)

  5. Hi!
    Yes, I’ve been there very often, it’s the “home of my heart”! But last time I was there (2000) I didn’t know Jury & Plant yet. With the € everything has become so expensive here in europe, I just can’t afford travelling any more.
    I adore Melrose, too! For me he’s the most amiable fictive character I ever came to know. I think, the both are too good to be true, so perfect, they had to be created by a women! 🙂
    By the way, I really have to read some of your books! (And more of your blog, too!) 🙂
    Thank’s for your comment in my blog! Sorry it’s in German only. (But my homepage is in English 🙂 )
    The line beneath the Grimes Book just says that I’m reading them all over again.
    Have a lovely holiday weekend! Kind regards, Nanna (meaning nickname for Annette, not grandma.)

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