Blue Plate Special

I know that white dishes are very classic and classy and I accept that. I accept that for fancy-schmancy dinners, they may be beyond reproach.

But still.

For my everyday food they are just flat boring.


I wanted color. Deep color. And when I was deciding which color I wanted, I imagined how food would look on it. And I came to the conclusion that there is only one color that provides brilliant contrast with every food on earth:


And that is why my cheap blue plates from Target are still in use, after many years and many scratches, and why I have absolutely no desire to replace them.

Because they make food look pretty.

All food, no matter what color it is.

In fact, I have found only one food that doesn’t stand out strikingly against them.





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20 responses to “Blue Plate Special

  1. The one benefit of white plates over the other colors is that you can see if there is a missed spot by the dishwasher.

    Personally, my favorite Target plates are green with light green lines that are like hundreds of spokes laminated together. They remind of lilypads, though the pattern isn’t quite lillypad-like.

  2. BTW, Brussel sprouts, broccoli, carrots, and squash in the same meal? On the same plate? You must get a lot of guff from your kids.

  3. Pooks, you know why they call it the blue plate special?
    Blue is known to cause people to lose their appetite. They tend to eat less off of blue plates. Thus, cafes serve these small amounts on that color.
    So, it is great for dieting, that’s for sure.

    I admit, I do have plates with a pretty blue scroll pattern and just love them.

  4. I also read about a study done with blue-walled dining rooms – people didn’t eat as much. Go figure.
    But, the food on that blue plate looks so much nicer than on the white one. Hm. Maybe it’s so attractive that people don’t want to destroy the look by eating all the food on the plate?

  5. In my experience people eat lots off blue plates! I’m not sure where that idea comes from. Odd, that.

    Write Pro — my kids didn’t have to eat the exact same thing. But if you want to get kids (especially boys) to each brussels sprouts, tell them they’re leprachaun brains. Then dose them heavily with real butter and a little garlic. Yum.

  6. We call brussels sprouts shrunken heads.

  7. max

    Making kids eat brussels sprouts is child abuse. I am calling the cops.

  8. Well, you have to learn to cook brussels sprouts like the French cook them. Drown them in a wine-cheese sauce, or lots of garlic and butter. I mean, garlic and butter make snails taste good, how can you go wrong?

  9. max

    If you have to drown it in wine and cheese sauce, should you really be eating it?

    I think not.

  10. LOL. A friend of mine told me why the French invented all those delicious gravies. But I won’t say it here.

  11. max

    They were very very hungry.

  12. And the food was not to fresh.

  13. Well, yeah, all those weird seasonings they used in the middle ages were to hide the fact that the meat was rotten. Eeeuw.

  14. LOL. I didn’t say it.

    Back to the plates, they look just like the cobalt blue Fiesta ones. Nice.

  15. And I was trying to give the white plates a fighting chance by putting colorful food on them. Imagine them with a sandwich and potato chips. Blah.

  16. Do you photograph all your food?

  17. Why, yes, don’t all civilized persons?

  18. max

    Speaking of food, Pooks, are you up on the emergency pet food recall? I have not seen you say anything about it you need to check the fur kids’ food and make sure it is not on the recall list.

  19. I love Brussel sprouts, but Procrastinator Junior’s dislike for veggies goes beyond such manipulations.

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