Light it up.

So I’m looking at yet another catalog (at least I’ve found out where to recycle them) and instead of clothes, I see camp lights for Christmas trees.


This is our weekend to camp. We always camp on Thanksgiving weekend.

Except, well, this year we have the same complications that kept us from the Cowboys/Redskins Monday Night Opener and the Livestrong Challenge and, oh, other things that I just stopped planning, and this weekend, it’s our annual camping trip when I was doing to take a fabulous bike ride.

And we’re not there.

So those Christmas tree lights really yanked my chain. I thought, “Why don’t I get a little Christmas tree and only put camping stuff on it, wouldn’t that be cool?”

Not the fish, though. I mean, I think they’re really pretty but I don’t fish, and the idea of dead fish (no matter how pretty) hanging on the tree just doesn’t do anything for me. But the little red lanterns? Tres cool.

Which started me on a search for other camping stuff to hang on a tree which then got me sidetracked by all sorts of other fun/odd/downright bizarre Christmas tree lights.

Okay, pizza slices and fruits and wine glass and bottle lights could give you a pretty nifty start on a food-theme tree.

Feeling political? I’m not surprised, I guess, that you can find strings of hilary andcondi… well, I guess.

Okay, there are little green men and there are cows but clearly my knowledge of UFO lore is deficient because, aliens and cows on the same string? I don’t get that one.


If you’re feeling religious you can choose your pope and add some nuns or for a change of pace, try somehindu gods and goddesses.

As for my camping tree, I found some tree frogs.


Aren’t they cute?

So I’m not camping this weekend. I haven’t been on my bike in a month. I’m not getting much writing done, and I have commitments that keep going unfulfilled. But, I’m stealing away a few minutes from the other stuff that is always hanging over us to blog. Because so far, circumstances haven’t managed to stop me from watching the Cowboys play or eating Thanksgiving dinner or … blogging. I guess that’s a lot, all things considered.

I hope you had a wonderful day!

I did, even if occasionally I have bitch-slap myself into remembering that.


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5 responses to “Light it up.

  1. I should see if I can find movie-related lights to put on the pink and sparkly tree this year — want to keep the movie theme, but do something a bit different.

  2. I assume the aliens and the cows are together because of the whole cattle mutilation thing? Which is really sad for the cute little cows…

  3. Sorry you missed out on camping this year (of course, to me that would be a blessing), but the Cowboys won, the weather’s fantastic, and you still rock.

  4. I hope you get back on the bike soon.

    And who needs lights when Pooks is around?

  5. Cindy

    Little green men in the moon, and the cow that jumped over it— mixing fairy tales and sci fi???

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