Debunking T-Day

You just thought you knew history.

Miles Standish didn’t get an invitation to these “first Thanksgivings” in 1541, 1564 and 1610. These celebrations predate the Plymouth colonists and their feast of gratitude in 1621.


In May 1541, Spanish explorer Francisco Vasquez de Coronado and 1,500 men celebrated at the Palo Duro Canyon — located in the modern-day Texas Panhandle — after their expedition from Mexico City in search of gold. In 1959 the Texas Society Daughters of the American Colonists commemorated the event as the “first Thanksgiving.”

In other words, margaritas and nachos for Thanksgiving!


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15 responses to “Debunking T-Day

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  2. I knew you were going to say the Texans did it first.

  3. R. Becker

    But surely Ms. Burroughs must understand that Coronado and his men were all Hispanics who crossed into Texas illegaly from Mexico and without proper entry and residence papers, and so their ceremony does not count….

  4. Wherever did you find that photo? Is it yours?

  5. Ed:

    The Palo Duro State Park website. I’m actually just using it as a placeholder until I get one from my husband — he has some fabulous ones.

    And you’ve nailed it, R. Not to mention the fact that they were Roman Catholic and that kind of goes against the Puritan thing, does it not?

    And CG, of COURSE it happened in Texas. Heh.

  6. It interests me how often “debunking” means someone is doing the exact opposite and pushing their own bunk, something they like better than the conventional wisdom. Why steal Thanksgiving with a capital T for Coronado? Is it just provincial boosterism? Is it standing up for Spanish explorers over English ones?

    If you just wanted to be accurate about who was thankful first, weren’t those in Vinland thankful? Weren’t the Asians who made it to North America thousands of years before thankful? Or does your definition of Thanksgiving require Christianity? If so, then why doesn’t it require all the other features that has the first Thanksgiving where it belongs, in Plymouth in 1621?

    People can say all kinds of things. Words are very adaptable that way. But if those words are chosen mainly to win, it’s just another lie. And if they’re chosen to steal, it’s downright malicious.

    Next month you can post that Jesus was born in Texas. I’m sure there’s truth to that, too. Words are so ambiguous.

  7. Welcome to my blog, DavidD!

    And lighten up. It’s all in fun.

    Obviously we aren’t just remembering “Thanksgiving” but a particular friendly union of Native Americans and Pilgrim political refugees.

    But we all know what Thanksgiving Day is really about.

    Go Cowboys!


  8. Happy Thanksgiving Pooks. Hope the Boys win.

  9. And of course even then, the very first Gringos couldn’t handle the fermented juice of the agave or the worm.

  10. So, the Cowboys had some expensive corn-on-the-cob for dinner Thursday.



    Buccaneer. ::duck::

    My search didn’t turn up that set of photos — thanks. Good stuff for Texas geography.

  11. Myles Standish was, rather notoriously, Catholic. Just a fun fact to know and tell… that and a little note that the term “Roman Catholic” is only used by people who don’t know the “Roman” is pejorative.

    Anyway, take it easy.

  12. That’s ironic, isn’t it? My nieces are descendants of Standish.

    I didn’t realize some people considered “Roman” pejorative. Why would that be? I made the distinction because I have Anglo Catholic friends who make the distinction; they don’t have anything against the Roman church but believe very strongly that they’re Catholic, as well. Then there’s the fact that as a Methodist I grew up saying the Apostles Creed, and “holy catholic church,” so there was always a distinction there.

    Oh — and I just saw the Chalice Well on your site. I’ve been there a couple of times; Glastonbury is wonderful, isn’t it?

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