Ten Inch Hero

Is that a great title or what?


A New Movie About Love, Sex, and Sandwiches Sold by the Inch

Elisabeth Harnois, Clea DuVall, Sean Patrick Flanery,
Jensen Ackles, and Danneel Harris
With Alice Krige and John Doe

And it has its very own blog!

If you want to see what’s up with this movie and read how it was made and behind the scenes stuff, that’s your place.

And of course the blog is written by the fab screenwriter of the movie, Betsy!

It seems that Jensen Ackles fans are going kinda crazy trying to figure out how he changed from this:


To a multi-pierced, mohawked … well, I’ll let Betsy describe “Priestly” in her own words:

“Priestly…well, he’s one in a million. Thank God. He sports an ever-changing mohawk (both style and color), and endless assortment of ignorant t-shirts (“Orgasm Donor” “Save a tree, eat a beaver” ). He’s even been known to get in touch with his feminine side by wearing a kilt. He believes Elvis is alive, that the government killed John Lennon, and that Kurt killed himself just to get away from Courtney because, jeebus, who wouldn’t? But under the piercings and the tats and the tude, he’s a fiercely loyal friend, and he’s hopelessly in love. Good lord, he even buys tampons to impress her, but, sadly, she can’t see past the boy to find the man waiting inside. “

And all of his fans are going wild, looking for images of Jensen with a mohawk and piercings, and THIS is all they’ve found so far….


How wicked!

And don’t miss the official movie site.



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35 responses to “Ten Inch Hero

  1. Nes

    Ahhhh, so your WANT us to go insane salivating for pictures of JAck, okay then. 😉

  2. cynthia

    I think they’re holding back on the photos for fear that the entire fangirl community will have a collective heart attack and die! And then who’ll be left to see the movie when it comes out!


  3. Ve

    All I know is that description of Priestly just made me even more eager to see that movie!
    But damn if I’m curious to see the result of Jensen Ackles extreme makeover!

  4. No one listens to Pooks, do they?

    They are withholding pics because they are WICKED.


    Although the collective heart attack is something to give one pause…

  5. Nikki

    I need pictures! I want to see Jensen with a mohawk so badly! Please give us a picture!

  6. Gemini

    It’s about the intrigue, y’all… I know after all this hype I’m ready to plunk down MY $10 to see what Priestly looks like.

  7. Lisa

    He wears a kilt in the film? He wears a KILT it the film!!! I just might die of happiness if and when the movie ever gets released in my area.

  8. Lizzy

    I could be wrong, but I think that there’s a second partial-JA shot up on the TIH website. Third shot (top, right-hand corner) on the first page … maybe? Eh, regardless, I’m telling myself it’s Priestly, just to help tide me over until … whenever in Spring 2007.

    Luckily, I have Supernatural to tide me over until then, but STILL. The suspense is driving me up the wall …

  9. Sam

    If anyone’s interested, I’m auctioning off the version of the “Ten Inch Hero” script that I reviewed a few years back. I will accept payment only in the Tenge (the currency of Kazakhstan), in preparation for my odyssey to that nation (which is, in my understanding, ripe for overthrow).

    Just kidding.

    I mean, about auctioning off the script.

  10. Louie

    If you look in one of the pictures with the two girls sitting in the front, you see Jensen in the back, very nice arms and the back of a pink mohawk. God i can’t wait for this movie

  11. I can’t wait either. He’s so hot, and you just KNOW he’s going to MAKE this movie. What a talented actor he is. Sorry that I can’t remember where I saw the photo, but there is a wide shot from the set out there somewhere, looks like they were taking a break in the shooting. Jensen is off to the left of the building, and it appears he is lifting something to his mouth. I, of course, am hoping and praying to GOD that it’s food or drink. I hope he’s not smoking OUT of character. It’s just so unhealthy…..

  12. LGW

    there is also a pic of his back if ya look closely, its on the main site…..

  13. LGW

    There is also another picture of him, sadle you dont see his face. It is mostly of his back, you see the tattoo and the hair color. Its on the first row, third pic. It had Clea DuVall and Danneel Harris, then to the left is Jensen.

  14. Rose

    I cant wait to see this but I am dying for a better shot of Jensen with the mohawk.

    Jensen + Kilt + Mowhawk + angsty boy trying to get girl = Fangirls swooning and panties combusting everywhere.

  15. Cora

    PLEASE!!! I think I speak for everyone when I say that we NEED pictures! PLEASE! Just a little one, just a smidgen! I can’t wait to see him wear a t-shirt that says orgasm donor, too funny!

  16. Anonymous

    ok this is annoying! i admit ti I am just here to see Jensen-and I am one of his “big” fans but can’t you respect the other actor/actresses in the movies! i mean please go ahead and drule-but please don’t let us see!

    -kind of pissed!

    p.s-I bet alot of the girls who are all oooohhhhhhhh Jensens so hot probably aren’t even going to be able to see the movi anyways considering its related around peoples sex live…YOU ARE TOO YOUNG!!!!

  17. Hell, nothing can make Jensen Ackles look bad. Definetly the hottest guy I’ve ever seen and to annomyous…deal with it! I’ll drool all i want and I aint afraid to post about it. Yea but I really wanna see this movie! Sounds cool (and not just because Jensen’s in it (although that’s a plus)).

  18. I cannot wait 2 see jensen in Ten Inch Hero. I can’t believe there aren’t any pics of him yet (well barely). He’s so hot and I can’t wait 2 see his new appearence. Absolutely cannot wait till Spring!!!!!!!

  19. Jen

    Sweet salvation! Hate that they are teasing us this way. Just give us a picture. Pretty please. **bats eyelashes**

  20. DLee

    Don’t forget about Brandon Barash! Google his photo!! He’s very handsome as well!

  21. Natalie

    Does anone know the girl he is suppose to be in love with in this movie!

  22. Lib

    come on!!!! please let us see!!! i am one of his biggest fans and i have been scouring the internent for a pic!!! please!!!

  23. Holly

    I can’t wait! I hope it comes to my town. If not I will seriously cry. And I saw a pic of him. It’s not very good but he has a blue mohawk! I was like SWOON. It’s almost spring!!

  24. I have to say I probably wouldnt be interested in this movie (or even have heard about it) if Jensen wasnt in it. I really do think the lack of pictures of Priestly is a tactical stratagy to get all us fan girls seeking out the film to see Jensen’s make over… however I highly doubt that it will be released to a cinema near me so I’m just hoping they are planning to release proper promo pics of him in character so I can at least see the punk version

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  26. Sally Ackles

    Hey guys i’ve found a pic of Jensen (scream)…(faint) lol
    its on the TIH blog
    u HAVE 2 see it

  27. I saw it, I saw it! Wow!

  28. Emma

    somebody helpme plzzzzz i live in england and i am dying to kno if its out in my area soon

  29. Chelsea

    oml i cant wait for the movie
    and that description makes me want to watch it more!!
    after a bit of digging though, i managed to find this:

    im not sure whether it will come up with the link or the actuall picture so im sorry if it doesnt work

  30. Chelsea

    oml i cant wait for the movie
    and that description makes me want to watch it even more!!
    after a bit of digging though, i managed to find these:

    http://teninchhero.blogspot.com/- look down the page

    The second was easier though
    but im not sure what yore reactions would be, i was pretty shocked
    but hes gorgeous normally
    so i think we can look past all the piercings and eyeliner lol

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  32. denise



  33. Hi guys, I have been a fan of Supernatural from the beginning but I’m afraid the Dean death and hell scene was kind of lame. It was too melodramatic and old. A more subtle approach would have been better in my opinion and it could have been left to the imagination of the viewer or maybe hollywood doesn’t credit the audience with any intelligence. My opinion….Pinhead meets the original version of the fly. Help me…please somebody ….help me… They may as well have put in a big rubber spider lmao. And why wasn’t Bella hanging there tooo….lol Anyway…I’m still a big fan but come on Supernatural team….give the folks some grey matter credit points.

  34. Sam

    Heard through the grapevine that TIH will be out on DVD in February.

  35. Somebody NEEDS to get me some clean pics of all the tattoos -that we could see anyways ;)- that Priestly had in the movie! The neck tattoo and the ones on his arm being of most importance to me. 🙂

    I’d love to get them tattooed on myself but I don’t own the movie, am a shitty drawer and can’t find anything helpful on Google Images! *huffs and pouts*

    Please and thank you to anyone who cares enough to help, lol.

    But seriously… PLEASE HELP!

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