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One Page Challenge – 2006 (again)

So when I posted a page the other day, I posted the first page in a script, but then I figure out that the goal was to post a page (without any explanation) from within your script.

Aha! Now there’s a challenge! No explanations, no setup, just a page?

So okay, here’s my second entry. Page 9 from a script titled DREAMERS.

Let me know how confused you are, because you probably will be. Of all the scripts I could have chosen, this is the most difficult to pull a page out w/o any setup at all. I’m using it because there has been so much curiosity about my two Nicholl Finalist scripts, and this is an opportunity to share a bit since I can’t share them in their completed forms.

There have been some other challenges out there — one to post the first draft of your first page of your very first script! I wish I could. I wish I had it. Sigh. THAT would be fun.




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