Green Eyes

I’ll admit it. I have a weakness for green eyes, and if that’s vanity, so be it.

Growing up it never occurred to me that there was anything unusual about green eyes. My sister and I both have them, and my mother. I thought blue eyes were supposed to be the most beautiful, so my preference for green seemed more like defiance than vanity. I love brown eyes, too. Lovely root beer colored eyes, yum.

But I digress.

So I found this site, which you might enjoy if you, too, like green eyes.

The Green Eye Project

Because it’s a frames site, I can’t link to their “Sexiest Green Eyes of the 21st Century” contest. (Vanessa Williams won.)

I can only say that whenever I think of green eyes, I always think first of:


It was kind of hard to find a pic that showed her eyes. Most of them are in black-and-white, and many of the others don’t show her eye color. But Scarlett O’Hara and her green eyes — which of course means, Vivien Leigh and hers.

The American public was scandalized enough to have an English woman playing the part; they would have never stood for it if she hadn’t had green eyes.

Which brings me to another issue.

This is one of the first things I noticed, yet I’ve rarely if ever heard anyone complain:


Harry Potter does not have blue eyes, damn it! And the moment I saw a closeup in the very first movie, I gasped. NO! Where are the green eyes?

I mean, it’s bad enough that they do their best to make his scar not visible. And in the most recent film the Weasley hair was barely red at all — with the exception of Ron. I mean, really! The Weasley twins (the rare times you saw them) were almost blond, and Ginny’s hair was a dull shade almost brown!

But Harry Potter without green eyes?

We’re letting them get away with anything, aren’t we?

Where will it end?


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176 responses to “Green Eyes

    • TheCrawler

      I know three people with green eyes; the first is kinda pale jade, the second is pale blue-green, but mostly green, and the third is like rawrsauce’s eyes, dark green with a small ring of tan surrounding the pupil. And yeah, Daniel Radcliffe has blue eyes. I was a bit dispointed myself, but still, they’re very nice.

      My eyes? Some shade of blue I have not yet defined. Dark grayish-sapphire, I think. My sister’s eyes are so blue they’re almost periwinkle.

  1. Weren’t they supposedly changing Daniel Radcliffe’s eyes with computers to look green in the movies?

    Green eyes are so rare. I’ve met two people with them, ever. Alas, hazel (i.e. partly green) doesn’t count.

    • Olivia

      Really? My entire family (mom dad sister and myself) all have them

      • rawrsauce

        I have green eyes. Not hazel, as many people think. They are about 95% green, with a thin ring of brown in the center surrounding the pupil. It’s known as Central Heterochromia, not hazel eyes.

      • Greeeennn eyeeesss

        i have green eyess

    • Juli

      Where do you live to state such thing?! Green eyes are not rare at all! I’ve seen SEVERAL people with them. Several people of African with European descent and several people purely European (many more than I’ve seen of African descent). I was raised in Valinhos and Vinhedo in the State of São Paulo, in Brazil, and I wonder where someone who says they’re rare lives, because where I was raised and in the city where I was born (Porto Alegre, it’s in another State – lots of people of German descent), they are more common than blue. Only dark brown is more common than green. Green eyes are not rare at all, I can only think of China where they might be rare, so I was wondering where you live, since almost half of all the people I’ve seen in my life have green eyes! They are so common!
      And they didn’t change Harry Potter’s eye color with computers, they didn’t bother at all. By the way, the special effects in those films should be called special defects! They didn’t bother to do anything correctly.

      • iEye

        They couldn’t change Dan’s eye color with computers and when they tried to make him wear green contacts in the first movie, they irritated his eyes so now in the movies, both Harry and Lily have blue eyes.

      • A USA citizen

        I am pretty sure she lives in the US. I know she doesn’t live in the UK because there they spell color “colour”. Here in the US green eyes are rare. Blue is a lot more common, and brown is dominant. Green eyes are beautiful and (at least here) rare. I have not met more then two people with them.
        I’ve got green eyes. They are soft green like grass

  2. Yeah, that Afghan girl photo… man. I remember the day I unwrapped that issue and saw that face– the pic was breathtaking then (1985) and remains so today.

    What’s weird is that NG actually went back and managed to track that girl down recently. I don’t have a link handy, but let’s say “life clearly is hard in the Hindu Kush.”
    green eyed B

  3. planetU–I almost went looking for that pic, but didn’t. Thanks for finding it for me. And yes, Brett, they did find her. The eyes are still haunting but she has lived on the desert, and it shows. I’ll bet the new picture of her is out there, too.

    Jennifer, they didn’t do anything about his eyes for the films. That’s what shocked me. I loaned my DVD of Philosopher’s Stone out and never got it back so can’t go look again, but I remember my shock when I saw it.

    However, oddly enough when I went looking for a pic of him to use his more recent pics have his eyes looking more greenish, which is interesting. If anybody reading has the DVDs, especially the first one — check it out and let us know. I’d bet money that his eyes are blue in it.

    • JayStone

      I have all of the movies, and as far as i can tell his eyes seem to be either dichromatic (change shades according to light) or they’ve changed them w the computer, even on the overs of the dvds his eyes have a strange green tint to them though not the Emerakd green J.K. describes.

      • sarah

        i have all of them as well, as his eyes look only blue to me.
        which buggs me to all hell, and trust me, my friends have heard me complaining. and about the weasly hair too

  4. I have very light brown eyes. Like a sun-damaged beige.

  5. Pooks won’t tell you this about herself, but she has some of the prettiest green eyes you’ll ever see.

  6. Thanks, cg — but Toni’s are EMERALD. Wow.

  7. berowl

    well don’t know what to saw after all this, but concerning harry, i think the important for the story is that he has his mother’s eyes, such a link can’t be taken lightly especialy in JKR’s books

  8. Perhaps I noticed his green eyes in the book because I’m just predisposed to notice that detail, and others didn’t? You’re right — his mother’s eyes, and I wonder how that will play out later?

    Thanks for stopping by. I was excited to see your blog was about magical things until I realized it’s in French! At least one regular poster here speaks/reads French, however, so maybe you’ll pick up a new reader!

  9. Ugoretz

    The girl in the NG photo is Sharbat Gula.

    I love Wikipedia:

  10. Ugoretz

    And I just found people of Hungarian descent (me) have the highest incidence of green eyes in the world, 20%.

    I love love Wikipedia.

  11. Does that make me Hungarian?

    By way of the British Isles, I mean?

  12. berowl

    sorry planetpooks, ive just read your answer to my comment…lol
    yeah, well, pity my blog is in french, sorry about that, but i think im not that good to write it down all in english…
    what else…hum
    Yeah ! Don’t worry, youre not the only one who’ve noticed the green eye stuff and as i said i think the important thing is the fact he has his mother’s eyes…
    And “I’d like to make an announcement” (Dumbledore, 4th film lol) to anyone who reads this: it’s not because my blog is in french that you can’t visit it !! LOL
    There are some pictures around and some news easily understandable…

    Well thanks anyway (hope you understand what i wrote…)


  13. I’ll keep my eyes on your blog for the pics!

  14. berowl

    ok lol (that whas fast…)

  15. berowl

    As you like things to be respected from the book, what if I tell you that the 5th film will be Quidditchless??

  16. What about Ron?!?!?

    It’s not quidditch I’d miss — but Ron’s subplot. It’s important.

  17. berowl

    well i don’t know if you came to my blog and i escuse you as it is in french, but well, how to announce it… Last night WB had an interview edited by the Sun and WB told that ALL Quidditch scenes had been cut. That’s not mean that the Ron stuff is missing, imagine : ron saying to harry : i go practice for keeper
    harry to ron : yeah good luck, have detention with unbridge
    1 minute later
    harry to ron : how was practice
    ron to harry : good, missed every quaffle !

    Well I think we will not SEE it but it will be told, witch is really disappointing…
    Also Rupert Grint told in another interview, that there is no Weasley is our king stuff in the script, he hopes it in the 6th…

  18. “The Sun a édité hier soir la confirmation de Warner Bros sur le fait que les scènes de Quidditch ne seront pas incluses dans le film de l’année prochaine (11 Juillet 2007) : Order of the Phoenix.” Believe me, now?

    I suppose there are many more important things in that book than the quidditch, but it’s sad to lose.

  19. berowl

    i don’t understand why you pasted my post, and i should believe you…
    but yeah i agree with, thats pity, i had a comment (you should do it too) whitch said, the more they do movies, the more they ignore quidditch…

  20. Well, it shows I went there, doesn’t it? LOL

    I think the quidditch has become less important to the plots of the books, which is why it’s being left out more and more.

  21. berowl

    yeah i think so too, quidditch was important in the first one (when harry discovers his father was seeker too)

    Well, also I’d like ask you a favour…
    I’m creating my blog in english, as many people asked me, it is just the same than the other one, but translated…
    And as I know that Im not that good in english I’d like you to correct my mistakes in the comments please

    Tell me if you accept this dangerous task….

  22. Jamie

    I have the first Harry Potter movvie on DVD. His eyes are blue in it. But, he is still cute.

  23. I am German and Irish. I have GREEN eyes, my German father had green eyes, my mom has blue. I like being in the 2 % . I think the green in my eyes is from the Irish hillsides…. my hair is also red, someday I will go to my homeland.

  24. Good luck with that. I want to go to Ireland, too!

  25. Ekim Gib

    I like being in the 2% too. All the people on my mother’s side of the family have green eyes too. After reading wikipedia I think it’s because I have celtic, germanic, and slavic ancestors.
    P.S. Green eyes are muy bueno.

  26. Welcome, Ekim!

    You know, this post is always in my top ten posts for traffic, which must either mean that a lot of people are fascinated by our green eyes.

    Or that we are all very vain and fascinated in our own green eyes.

    Either way works. (wink)

  27. aymeline

    i love you daniel radcliffe

  28. Cyra

    I’m checking right now… and, yes, In the first movie, his eyes are perfectly blue. So hott!!!!!

  29. Well, sorry to disappoint you, but – Vivien Leigh’s eyes were blue! They managed to make them look green in the movie- with the lightning. So I really wondered why they could do that 50 years ago – but not now?
    On the other hand, Daniel’s eyes are so amazing, it would be a pity to change them in any way. He’s small, he’s got blue eyes and yet- I find he’s the perfect Harry. I suppose, had J.K.R. known him before she started writing, Harry’s eyes might have been blue after all. I couldn’t imagine Harry being tall. I think his power isn’t physical. And it makes him even more vulnerable -and heroic- being so small and permanently threatened.
    As long as they don’t go and have a blue-eyed actor ever play Melrose Plant – I don’t care!
    (I hope they never make movies out of those books! I definitely don’t think there is one living soul on this planet who could ever be casted for Melrose, unless Dumbledore, Hermione, Harry and Snape all together flick their wands and turn Melrose himself out of the book into flesh and blood! Now THAT would be something!!!)
    I really agree with everything you wrote about the Deathly Hallows! I absolutely loved the book too, but definitely agree about the few objections! 🙂
    I’d be happy about another book which only fills us in about the missing details…! 🙂

    Kind regards from Bavaria from someone with only 1/2 green eyes- rest is hazel.

  30. PS: (Hope this works)

  31. Obviously not. So here you go:

  32. Oh, very nice!

    So what did they do, have Vivien Leigh wear contact lenses?

    I’d like to know more about that.

  33. No, they arranged the lightning. That’s what I read about 30 years ago when I went to see “Gone with the Wind” 6 times in one week! I’ve seen several documentations about the filming of that movie ever since, and they always said that she had blue eyes and they went to a lot of trouble to arrange the lightning in a way that they appeared green on the screen. So I’m quite puzzled why they can’t do that nowadays. Maybe they just don’t bother. would probably be too expensive.
    What bothered me more was that they simply left away the scar on Harry’s forehead! It simply wasn’t there! That’s real sloppiness! 😦

  34. Oh yes — I’ve been bothered by his pale/hidden/absent scar from the first movie. And what was with the short hair this time? I think they’re working hard to keep the kids looking contemporary so they’ll keep the teen audience — but his hair is wild, not short. Grrrr.

  35. That’s right!
    Besides that- I don’t like that last movie too much, I thing they emphasize too much the action part and neglect the more quiet and poetic moments. But that’s probably what the masses and kids want. 😦
    I prefer my own movie in my head! 🙂

  36. BTW — if you haven’t already read it — check out the book MEMO FROM DAVID O SELZNICK. You’ll learn a LOT about the making of GWTW.

    And I can’t imagine who would play Melrose, either!

  37. I guess I have, several years ago! 🙂

    And- I think I could imagine one guy playing Melrose- if he was 2 inches smaller, 10 years older and wearing green contact lenses and goldrimmed spectacles: Gabriel Aubry! :-)))
    (his eyes are kind of green but not emerald…)
    But the rest for me is quite perfect. Melrose at 32…! ;-)))
    (Lucky Halle…) *g*

    What’d you think?

  38. Oh. My. God.

    You’re right. Age him a bit and —

    Oh my. I need to go reread me some Martha Grimes.

  39. Oh yes, isn’t he absolutely gorgeous? *g*
    Well, I let you know my personal “picture behind the lines” then- the faces that I see when I read the books. I suppose most of us readers do have such a private casting- as long as there isn’t a movie which provides us more or less suitable faces. But I rather have my private phantasy, definitely so with Marthas characters.
    This is my dream couple, my personal Jury and Plant (with emerald green eyes, thanks to Photoshop *ggg*):

    Enjoy! :-))

  40. When I read, I very rarely really picture characters. Sometimes they are described so vividly (the Potter Universe) that I do see them, but in general I don’t, and don’t even try. I’m not sure if this makes sense, but I am more likely to “feel” them than see them.

  41. Nor do I, usually. You’re absolutely right about “feeling the faces”. That’s what I really meant with “private casting”. It doesn’t necessarily mean casting with real people. It means seeing what noone else can see with your inner eye. Normally I “see” faces inside quite clearly (probably because I like to paint). And that often makes it a disappointment when they turn books into movies, as hardly ever the actors match the phantasy. Over years I was reading the J&P books without having real faces. Just coincidentally I came across these two, who matched my phantasy faces almost 100%. And since then I see them when I read the books. But it doesn’t make such a difference, because the faces I saw before were pretty much the same, even though I never had heard about those 2 real guys. Just a coincidence. I still hope that they will never make movies out of the J&P books. No matter how well it might be done, I’m certain it would always be a disappointment.

  42. é o mais LINDO de TODOOOOOOOOOS

    DaN DaN, tiH amO seu .P.E.R.F.E.I.T.I.N.H.O. ♥



  43. By the way, Nanna — when I first read the Harry Potter books I always “saw” Peter O’Toole as Dumbledore. Once I saw the movie, I lost my vision which breaks my heart because he was MUCH better than Richard Harris and left Michael Gambon in the dirt!

  44. Oh that’s a wonderful idea! You’re absolutely right there! He would have been perfect! I must admit though, I also liked Richard Harris, but find Michael Gambon completely miscast! Where’s the hooked nose??? He lacks everything that would make a proper Dumbledore! I always saw Dumbledore somehow as a twin brother of Miraculix (in case you know Asterix and Obelix the French comic).

    He’s got to be tall and thin and very sweet and gentle and always very calm and very, very charming. And the blue eyes!! Right- Peter O’Toole would have been perfect!!
    Look: THAT’S Dumbledoor!!!

  45. Oh that’s a wonderful idea! You’re absolutely right there! He would have been perfect! I must admit though, I also liked Richard Harris, but find Michael Gambon completely miscast! Where’s the hooked nose??? He lacks everything that would make a proper Dumbledore! I always saw Dumbledore somehow as a twin brother of Miraculix (in case you know Asterix and Obelix the French comic).

    He’s got to be tall and thin and very sweet and gentle and always very calm and very, very charming. And the blue eyes!! Right- Peter O’Toole would have been perfect!!
    Look: THAT’S Dumbledore!!!

  46. Wow — it is!

    You see, Peter O’Toole has the twinkle AND the power.

  47. Dan you is a very handsome……:)

  48. Dan success yeah!!good luck to film harry potter and the order of the phoenik,,See you muuaacccch

  49. Bianca

    i think people put so much emphasis on the color of eyes , especially blue or green. personally, I have Brown eyes and i think brown is a beautiful color and not much people appreciate in having brown eyes. Alot of the most beautiful people throughout history had dark eyes.

  50. Raquel

    the reason they leave his eyes blue is because dan’s eyes get really irritated with the green contacts.
    but then again they could make his eyes green by computer…

    btw, her name is ginny not jenny (:

  51. Bridget with green eyes

    I have lightish green eyes, sometimes they look a little more blue and I never knew that only approx 2% of the worlds population have green eyes!!! The green is determinded by the quantity of yellow pigment present. Only 3 colour pigments are actually in our eyes they are…BROWN, GRAY and YELLOW…interesting I think!

  52. Denise Lamm

    I thought they should have Dan wear colored contacts but look at his eyes!!! I cant even describe how miuch i absolutly LOVE his eyes!!! They are such a GORGEOUS shade of blue!!!! His pictures make me MELT!!!!!!!!!!He is so AMAZING!!!!!! I LOVE HIM!!!!!!!!!!!

  53. synadora

    god i wish I had green eyes, my eyes are so boring. great site, that girl was a bit freaky but really stunning. god I cant believe green is so rare!! Its like the prettiest eye color! and about dan, in some photos he has brown eyes, some he has green, and others blue, or atleast thats what I noticed from my posters.


    EU AMO O DAN DAN elee lindo PERFEITO e um gato quando deus fez ele deus estava inspirado por que eu numca vi um pessoa mais linfa que ele.A inspiração foi muito longe por isso que ele e um gato.EU AMO o DAN DAN ele e um GATO.Eu tenho varias fotos dele


  55. vha

    haaaiiiiiiiiiiiiii………….!!!!!!!!! how are you???????
    succes for your film yeah…. dan you are verry handsome. but i dont agree with you for you bare.!!!!!!!!

  56. I love you Daniel radcliffe (L) From Me, XD

  57. hi dan , You rock so mutsh, hehe

  58. Hello Daniel Radcliffe , I like you so mutch and I love you (L) and you rock ;BOY.XD You are so Cool boy. And I love Daniel Jacop Radcliffe . And I like sport and hard rock. bla bla; age 16 , and Dan 17 , wow!!!, I love him so mutch , merry me daan Plizz (L) I love you From me LUISA:

  59. gareth newman

    You peepl are SAD-who gives a monkeys arse whether daniel radcliffe has green eyes or not. All you sad peepl have to much time on your hands.

    • elise

      as SsslytherinGirl said its a big thing in the book, so we care about it while YOU seem to be most of your night/morning posting comments on blogs you dont even care about, so i would be thinking about how YOU spend your time…?

  60. SsslytherinGirl

    It’s a big part of the book, Gareth. It’s better then the people who whine about Hermione’s dress being the wrong color.

    And I agree, I hate how little Quidditch they have. And in the first movie, they get it wrong, Harry’s dad wasn’t a seeker, he was a chaser. >.< Stupid movies.

  61. Sofi

    I agree, why couldn’t they just give him green contacts for the movie? It’s really not that hard. I don’t think it’s a huge deal but it’d be a lot better if they focused on making his eyes green. :/

  62. priscilla

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    mais te amoooo e possa crer que
    vc é meu sonho adormecido sei que nunca vou porder
    te ver mais te amo e sempre te amarei
    meu sonho adormecido porem nao mortooo
    te amooooooooo e sei que nao posso esperar o mesmo
    mais nao se preuculpe nao sou uma das sua fans paranoicas sou somente uma apaixonda e que sabe
    que nunca vai poder te verrr
    entao te desejo toda felicidade do mundoooo
    por que te amoooooooo
    meu nome é priscilla morrono interior da bahia no brasil tenho 13 anos e sou louca por vc beijos meu amor emposivel meu desejo proibido

  63. Phoenix

    Yeah, I do think that’s REALLY WEIRD that they gave him blue eyes…such an injustice. Even if you look on the movie covers you can see big differences. In the 1st one his eyes are totally blue. Then, in the 2nd one they go to emerald green, then subtly move their way to a murky grey by the 4th movie. Odd… I am lucky enough to have those minority eyes… sort of. Both of my prents had dark black hair and brown eyes, but by some odd anomele (no im not albino) I happened to get blonde hair and one blue eye, and one green eye. Wheee! I love being special! -Phoenix

  64. Saturnina

    Dindn’t Vivien Leigh have blue eyes?

  65. fred

    my mother has blue eyes and my dad has brown eyes but for some reason me and my brother have green eyes. how is this possible?

  66. Summer

    I totally agree… I have read all the harry potter books and of course picture in my mind a harry with dark hair and bright green eyes. About 5 minutes ago i was watching the goblet of fire on tv and noticed that daniel radcliffe has blue eyes…. WTF? they didnt even put contacts on him or anything!? who is in charge of casting for this movie? i also noticed that ginny’s hair was like a dull blonde… not even near red. fred & george’s hair too. even ron’s is barely red. i think harry having green eyes is a big detail that has been overlooked especially when you think about all the meaning that green eyes carry in mythology etc. which has a lot to do with what j.k. rowling put into the books!!!!!!



  67. Natalie

    to fred:

    I just found this out today, on Wikipedia. And this is quoted from there.

    There are 3 true colors in the eyes that determine the outward appearance; brown, yellow, and gray.
    For example, green eyes have a lot of yellow and some brown, making them appear green. Blue eyes have a little yellow and little to no brown, making them appear blue. Gray eyes appear gray because they have a little yellow and no brown in them. Brown eyes appear brown because most of the eye contains the brown color.

    Brown eyes: mostly brown
    Blue eyes: little yellow, little to no brown
    Green eyes: lot of yellow, some brown

    Let’s say.. your dad has 5.5/10 brown and 4.5/10 yellow. Your mom has 2/10 brown, 4.5/10 yellow, and 3.5/10 gray. Then… you could have an average of about 3/10 brown, 5/10 yellow, and 2/10 gray. And that can vary a little to… 3.5/10 brown, 5.5/10 yellow, and 1/10 gray. So that’d work out pretty well.

    But for the Harry Potter eye thing… GAH! Why don’t they get him contacts or something to make his eyes green?!??

  68. marcela

    I’m brazilian and I have green eyes, my brother doesn’t, my mom have honey eyes, my father doesn’t, my grandpa though had green eyes, here in Brazil there a lot of people green eyed people, blue eyes here is rare…and that’s why they love blue eyes…when I went to the US last year people were amazed because of my green eyes….they all have blue eyes….I love BLUE eyes…and harry potter is cute!

  69. Wingless

    My mom has beautiful, pure green eyes. They’re VERY beautiful. They’re hard to describe. A solid, light, mint green. She’s the only one in the family with them. My father has brown, and I ended up with grayish blue/green eyes.

  70. anne

    It’s ironic because they actually cast Dan partly because of his eyes, for the soulful expression in them (which is the most important thing, because Harry has had such a traumatic past they need to be soulful). When I read the books I do actually picture Dan but with bright green eyes!

    I think they did try contacts in film 1 but they irritated his eyes. But they could try them again now he’s older. Usually I don’t notice but for one shot near the start of Film 5 they showed a close up of him in bed. They could touch them up on film for shots like that at least and also on dvd covers.

    Now that we’ve read book 7, the colour of Harry’s eyes is irrelevant really, it’s just the fact that they are like his mothers that’s important.

  71. Kate

    Scarlett O’Hara had green eyes but Vivien Leigh did not! Vivien Leigh had blue eyes…the production crew focused a yellow beam of light on her eyes to make it appear that she had green eyes. I guess contact lens weren’t an option in 1939. I picked up this piece of trivia reading material about Gone with the Wind.

  72. kristina

    first of all the picture above (the woman) has blue eyes.

    Anyways i noticed that in the movies harry didnt have green eyes also and it was just untill recently that i found out daniel didnt feel comfortable wearing contacts. we gotta respect that right? but its true that im sure with all their technology these days the computer crew should have been able to edit the clips so his eyes look green.
    also, i think rupert/ron is the only one who has true ginger hair. im not too sure about ginny but the acotrs who play fred and george have brown hair in real life so i guess it was hard to keep their hair colour consistent over the 5 movies

  73. Brit

    Her name is Ginny, not Jenny. And

  74. Gwenevere

    I guess, with the Harry Potter thing, in the book it was just kind of a fact that was mentioned a lot that connected him to his mother, but it’s still like a little thing that people want to see and even if they didn’t want to retouch them green in post production they could buy color contacts. I mean after spending millions on those movies they couldn’t buy one little pair of color contacts?? It’s just ridiculous. Sometimes I do feel like they’re changing the Harry Potter image, which is stagnant basically. Green Eyes, Black, messy hair and a scar. The hair has been all over the place too.

  75. Gwenevere

    Oh, yeah, in reply to Brit, her name totally is Ginny, what’s with the Jenny??

  76. Arthur

    Yeah like what’s the deal, it’s just a simple thing they could do to make the movies more true to the books, which they seem to have trouble with. Yeah Ron was like the only one with actual red hair, like orange. But Fred and George actually have brown hair, or the actors who play them do, so they have to dye. And Bonnie Wright, who plays Ginny, has like really dark almost auburn hair, so she probably has to dye to to get it more orangey.

  77. Sorry about the Jenny error–I’ll fix it.

    And the scar? When was the last time you saw Harry’s scar? His hair is not canon; his eyes aren’t green; his scar is nonexistent most of the time.

    They seem to be making these decisions to keep the characters stylish with some contemporary images, but in a few years it will all look very dated and nothing like the books.

    I honestly don’t see the movies holding up well over time. Too many stupid decisions re: story and especially appearances.

  78. Lover of the Classics

    First of all, let me state, Vivien Leigh was and will always be remembered as gorgeous. Then, let me also say, since I am watching Gone With the Wind at this very moment, that her eye color definately does not appear to be green in the movie. I read all the above comments on the lighting effects, but from as best I can tell, her eyes are this beautiful, pale aqua blue color, not a rich green. I agree green eyes are simply the best, but even with her natural blue eyes, Vivien Leigh remains one of my favorite actresses.

  79. Damn. I could have sworn they were green.

  80. FrannieFace

    I have to say that I felt that harry should always have green eyes, and despite dan having nice eyes i wanted them green. i think the movies are moving much to far away from the books in plot and tone, so i think they should at least pay attention to some details here 😦
    and harry’s scar is in the movies- it’s just very subtle, off center, and always concealed xPPP
    i also have to say that i think viven leigh is absolutely gorgeous as scarlett o’hara, whether her eyes are actually green or not. i do believe they looked more bluish in the movie though. However, I think all eye colors are beautiful in their own way. just look closely into someones eyes, anyones eyes, and you will find flecks of other colors or a beautiful shade you hadnt noticed before or a velvety smoothness if their eyes are dark or perhaps try and look at brown eyes when they are highlighted by the sun, mine go from brown to amber in the right light. eyes are just wonderful.
    SsslytherinGirl, harry’s dad WAS a seeker wasnt he??? i have read the books several times and i remember that as being the whole point…wasnt there the trophy for his accomplishment as seeker or something in the first book? i dont think he was a chaser.
    and one think bothering me on this site: it isnt a place to ramble about how much you are fully in love with daniel radcliffe. mmk?

  81. Ginny Potter


  82. Robby

    I have green eyes too….the girls love it!

  83. Luckily I’m married to a green-eyed man – and I look at him much more than I look in the mirror! (I’ve got brown eyes)
    More important than Potter’s blue eyes is the casting of Michael Gambon as Dumbledore. He doesn’t have the warmth or patience of Richard Harris. And they dress him in blue rags instead of the beautiful robes JK Rowling describes in the books. If they needed a replacement- why didn’t they cast Ian Mckellan? He would have been perfect!

  84. I agree, Gambon is horrid. My Dumbledore will always be Peter O’Toole because he can twinkle with the best of them but has more gravitas than any of them when it counts. However, I fear he got too frail to pull it off, so I, too, would accept Ian McKellan. Gambon is horrid.

  85. Sasha

    I am in total agreement with with the wtf-factor of Radcliffe’s blue eyes. I am, to this day, utterly mystified that this has not inspired a much larger complaint. Rowling has explicitly stated the importance of his GREEN EYES. They say it multiple times in every single book. Seems like a huge detail to just gloss over. I hope that someone can possibly go over this digitally in future rereleases.

    And I also agree with it being a mistake casting Gambon as Dumbledore. I miss Harris!

  86. I do complain about Harry’s blue eyes as well! I don’t understand how that’s been done when JK Rowling is supervising the whole thing… Before the first movie I was expecting hours of dazzling green eyes and then… :-S I don’t know how they’ll do it in the last movie, where this is so important!
    That and the fact that Dumbledore would never shout.

  87. Babalu

    My eyes are dark, greyish teal, sort of like the sky before bad weather. The Harry P’s actor has amazing, saucerlike blue orbs that add to the necessary waifish vibe.

    Green eyes are a half-way genetic mutation between blue and brown eyes. Scientists recently discovered that a mutation in a single individual thousands of years ago begat all the world’s blue eyes.

    Didja know?

  88. Wasn’t there something in the news about that recently, the mutation?

    That makes me a mutant.

    Some people will not be surprised.

  89. Kirke

    I have green eyes too.. totally green.. I was jealous for peaple with brown eyes.. when I heard that most of the population have them. Only 1-2% of people have green eyes! 😀


  91. soda

    2 ofmy friends have green eyes… mine are brown except when light hits them, they turn yellowish in the bottom part… thats probably why my mom said i had cat eyes…. oh yeah i used to like daniel radcliffe 2 yrs ago and the 7th book is AWESOME!!! _-.D

  92. Isobel

    I have half green half brown eyes
    literally, not a mix they are separate, brown around the pupils and green for the rest. it’s quite cool actually 😛

    but i always envy people with green eyes it’s awesome
    My friend has one blue eye one brown eye and thats amazingly awesome

    and i ALWAYS complain about Daniel Radcliffe having blue eyes, the first time i noticed was when i saw the 1st harry potter movie and he’s there with his BLUE eyes!
    i noticed it too!!!
    they could have changed it using coloured contacts, or digitally or something

    And the afghan girl literally took my breath away, it is the most amazing photo ever

  93. Shivani

    my mom has green eyes but they’re kinda pale but really beautiful. and Daniel does have blue eyes ugh they change almost everything from the book and put it in the movie. like
    CHO and HARRY DON’T KISS in the book

  94. Rennyy

    Omggg who cares if he has green eyes or not. No offence but there are worse things then someone not being perfect in every way for a part. I LOVE DANIEL RADCLIFFE, and I think his eyes are gorgeousssssss!

  95. Rennyy

    Oh, and HARRY AND CHO DO KISS in the book, research before you comment next time 😛

  96. sarah

    Vivien Leigh is famous for having huge BLUE eyes definatly not green. She had such beautiful eyes-blue definatly suited her better

  97. liolio

    green eyes.
    i have them too 🙂 and they are a part of me i love…
    i don’t like my hair or my hands but i really like my eyes. they are of a light green color, almost yellow with a little little little thing brown in it… my friends say it’s orange -.-
    well, i think too that harry should have green eyes.
    did you remark that lots of authors give green eyes to special characters in books? the most important characters often have green eyes…

  98. aras

    lovely.I really enjoyed.kiss honey.

  99. Dani

    I have a cousin that has green eyes, like real green without even a spec of hazel. . . .But I’ve also noticed that Harry Potter in the movie doesn’t have green eyes, I mean they could have used contacts, it isn’t that hard people. Harry’s eyes, are a huge part of it.
    It’s not fair.

  100. Johanna

    I have green eyes. It’s strange since my dad has brown eyes and my mum has blue eyes.
    I like being a minority. The closest I’ve gotten a compliment was
    “You’re eyes are green” a boy in my english class told me. Like it was news to him.
    “I know” I rolled my eyes.
    “They look fake” he stated.

  101. jamie

    I completely agree on the harry potter.
    everytime i told somebody about his eyes. they said ‘who cares?’, which made wanted to punch their faces in. and they made the scar look like a ‘Z’

    green eyes are spectacular :]

  102. Nocturnuz

    Man, this is a stupid subject. OH NO! LOOK WHAT THEY DID TO MY HARRY POTTER! BLUE INSTEAD OF GREEN EYES?? AWWWUUUUHHH! Please, this is pathetic.

  103. Notturno

    Hey, I know! Harry Potter does not have fudging blue eyes! That’s the first thing I said when I started reading the book after the movie.
    It is bad enough.
    Anyway, I love green eyes. Although I like blues as well, because of this guy I like… TEEHEE!
    And I disagree with Nocturnuz, I bet s/he’s just jealous that s/he doesn’t have green eyes. I know I am.

  104. sprinklette

    Green eyes startle people = mine freak people out and intrigue them in equal measure. it’s funny that when I was growing up I wished and wished to have my twins chocolate brown eyes
    just goes to show most people will never be happy with their lot!

  105. Vivien Leigh actually has blue eyes … they coloured them in the movie

  106. Avi

    i have very bright blue eyes. you people are so lucky!! i wish i had green eyes :,(

    lol this is kinda funny cause all those people with brown eyes are saying they want blue eyes.

    but i realy wish i had green eyes!!

  107. Elizabeth

    I fully agree with you on everything. I love Scarlett’s green eyes! But I am a huge Harry Potter fan and I’ve always wondered why his eyes weren’t green. It makes me so mad when Lupin(In the Prisoner Of Azkaban) tells Harry he has Lily’s eyes because Lily’s eyes are GREEN. So your not alone.
    (P.S. I love green eyes, they’re my favorite)

  108. Pegasus

    Hiya. Marcella said, that in Brazil many people have green eyes. That is exactly what the book about green eyes – “green eyes, the greenest fields” said: the green eye gene emerges where different races mix. And Brazil is a crucible – one of the many- , where dark and light mixes. Green eyes also seem to be very common in northern and eastern Europe, but also in some parts of Afghanistan, Iran and India – I always thought, the amber/honey yellow colour was rare. I have seen it only twice in my life! Also the so-called violet seems to be extremely rare. Never saw one. Whereas green can be seen any now and then….leaf green, grey green, olive green, you name it.

  109. Japaneseboyhunter

    the thing about harry potter, i am always so frustrated with that, i mean, in lord of the rings they had a way lower budget and they made orlando bloom blode with blue eyes and hes normally brown on brown! they cant even give harry potter green eyes and black hair? hed need like…green-yellow tinted contact lenses come on! and so many people dye their hair black its not hard rawr.

    I have green eyes tooo. I had blue eyes as a kid but now they are most definately and defiantly green, its kind of martini olives color, but i like it cuz my hair is red so it looks nice ^_^

  110. Jess

    I don’t want to sound rude or put a damper on anyone, but real green eyes are solid green. Any other colour in them (even just a little bit) makes them hazel. I have looked at the ‘Green Eye Project’ website and a large majority of the people on it have obvious hazel eyes, yet they call them ‘green’. Shouldn’t you be happy with what you have, other than trying to make it into something else?

  111. i totally agree i mean harry potter is suppose to have green eyes gosh what is this worl coming to

  112. OMG ITS JUST COLORS!!!!! DONT CARE ABOUT THAT AS LONG AS THE ACTING IS WELL!!! DANIEL ACTULYY TRIED TO WEAR contacts but its was to painful!!! GOD! like u can wear colored contacts without crying XD! no many stop ur bithing

    • gary

      This is so true. When colored lenses came out in the 80’s, I was right out of college and had not reached the pointed of appreciating my eyes, as I do now (after years of complements, which I did not understand originally, but do now), I bought ’emerald’ and ‘turqoise’ colored lenses. I put them on for the first time at my sister’s engagement party and after 1 hour, was in agony. I had the responsibility of driving my cousins home that day and about half way there, I had to pull over as I could not drive anymore. I had to call a cab for the cousins and shell out $75.00 and get those things out of my eyes without damage, and recover from the pain before returning home. I never wore them again. I will never wear contacts if asked, although so far I am lucky and don’t need glasses, but the memories of the colored lenses are too strong to allow me to put anything in my eyes. It is also true that lighter eyed people have more sensitivity to alien things to the eyes. I don’t understand how people can wear them, in films, modeling, etc. Yeah, if I was being paid millions for a film, and had a doc there to put then on and take them out, I would do it, but only then. I am glad that I am not the only person who felt this way about colored lenses. Thanks.

  113. Nastya

    I hate the constant association of green eyes and sexiness. I don’t want to be sexy!

    As for Harry Potter, his green eyes were a very important plot element, not just “bitching.”

  114. Ashlyn

    the movie ppl cant make everything perfect, you know. its damn near impossible to find actors with the EXACT qualities and looks that fit the description.

  115. Sydney

    I think green eyes are beautiful… but blue eyes are my fave<3 I myself have blue eyes. But I think Daniel has beautiful blue eyes so therefore I am not complaining. In the movies they still say he has green eyes, so it's not like they are avoiding that tidbit.
    ALL eyes are beautiful!!!

  116. Melissa

    I have green eyes and red hair so i guess that’s like a double dose of weirdo haha.

    I think if I didn’t have green eyes, I wouldn’t care so much about Dan’s eyes. I mean they ARE really pretty and the woman who plays his mom is never in the scenes clear enough to tell what color eyes she has, so the “you have your mother’s eyes” thing works okay. Otherwise, I think Dan is perfect, he’s pretty much EXACTLY what I pictured, just maybe darker hair, i’m pretty sure it was described as, “jet black”.

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  118. gary

    I have green eyes and love them. I am the only one in the family with them, although there are a couple of blue eyes, but not for 2 generations. From my grandfather’s brother in Italy (RIP) to my niece, there were no blue eyes, only me with the green ones. Green eyes play tricks on you, too. When I am tanned, my eyes look very blue. Depending on the colors I am wearing, the eye color changes from a light green to greeenish blue to aqua to a deep, ‘Irish’ green. As with all eyes, light also plays with ones eyes, but not so much with drak eyed people. I have been in several relationships in my life. All the successful ones have been with dark eyed people (ended only because one of us moved, usually me, as I have lived, for a year or 2, and then moved throughout Europe. The one absolutely disastrous relationship I was in was with a blue eyed North Carolinian (N. Carolina had nothing to do with the r’ship, the person was simply a yutz and prone to hitting). My late spouse was a brown eyed, light skinned Cuban. the eyes were so dark and had mega eye lashes, 3 layers of them, ala Liz Taylor, which made the eyes so dark. I could have looked into them forever, but we were not so fortunate. I get complements constantly for my eyes and consider them my best features, not only for color, but also for shape, as they are almond shaped, kind of exotic for a 2nd generation, pure, Italian blooded American. I like that green eyes are the absolute minority as it makes us unique, and the shades of green are diverse. I, like the author of the article, relate green eyes with Vivien Leigh, (I should be so amazing looking). In my travels in Europe, especially Italy, I noted many green eyed people in Sicily, the place in Italy where the stereotype is drak skin, dark eyes. Yup…green eyes are the bomb as they are the msot unique. When they come with brown hair (or anything not blond)….they look so cool and has been the reason I have met many a person. May they stay open as long as they can. Peace Out and no matter what color eyes one has, it is what shows through them, your soul, that counts. As Tyra Banks says in her show, ‘Americas Next Top Model’…which my niece watches on my Tivo as she does not have one, smile with your eyes and people will see it…and it is true.

  119. julie

    I was so upset when i found out DANIAL DOES NOT HAVE GREEN EYES!!!!!

  120. nia

    i edited the picture. now you can just imagine he has green eyes 🙂

  121. Thank you! What a wonderful St. Patrick’s Day surprise!

  122. Katie

    I have gray eyes.I think anyway,but everyone says their light blue.So I do not know.

  123. Lou

    Ok, 3 points to make here:
    1) Harris was incredible as Dumbledore, he had that “wise” look down to a tee, Gambon was horrible because Dumbledore NEVER EVER yelled and he never wore dingy gray rags but beautiful robes, I think that Peter O’Toole or Ian Mckellan would have been fine in that role, definitly over Gambon.
    2) all you green eyed people…..i don’t ever want to hear any you complain about your eye color because it is beautiful no matter what. 😉 My eyes are whatever you call it when they lack the ability to choose a color. I’ve had pale green, aqua blue, shiny gray, hazel, you name it. lol. And also….although I agree that brown is probably the most common, closely followed by blue then hazel then gray then green…..what about purple?? Are they real or just myth because I have NEVER met a soul with violet eyes though I think that would be incredible awesome to look at. haha
    3) I’ll admit I was disappointed that Harry’s eyes were not green though I do think Dan’s eyes are stunning. I am one of the biggest Harry Potter nerds you will ever meet, but even so, it really doesn’t matter about the eye color. yes it is a huge part of the description though not the overall plot. I understand that it is frustrating when directors omit important details.

    P.S. Was anybody else completely enraged when they left Dobby, Winky, and Bagman out of the Fourth Movie?!?! and what is u with Crouch’s death? It was like “Oh ya, Crouch died, anyways….” Like really????

    Peter O’Toole, Richard Harris, Ian Mckellan, Michael Gambon

  124. Lou

    oh and btw, are there such a thing as black eyes? not the black eyes you get when someone slugs you but real, black, irises.

  125. RK

    D: I HATE HATE HATE the fact that in the movies Harry has blue eyes instead of green! It’s supposedly because the actor can’t wear contacts because they irritate his eyes, but so what? Anyone who isn’t used to contacts will find them uncomfortable at first.

    Sorry. I adore green eyes, and Harry NEEDS green eyes. I get pretty worked up over it. xD

  126. Olga

    I complained about Harry’s eyes! I did!
    I got into the series late, so the movie had been out for a while when I first saw it.

    Like, the first thing you see of Harry, is that part where his eyes pop open.
    And I texted my friend in a rage of fury about this insanity.
    So yeah, I complained.

  127. Alex

    I noticed it the first time i saw it!

  128. Kat

    I have color-changing eyes. I was born with dark blue eyes and had them since I was two. Then I got green eyes. When we moved to a sunnier place my eyes and hair turned brown (I was originally blonde) and it went all over the place. After that, it was amber, then hazel, then green again, and now it’s a greenish hazel. While my hair got highlights. It’s like I’m a reincarnation of Tonks XD

  129. BK

    yay someone else noticed the actor for Harry Potter has blue eyes and not green like he’s sopposd to! I was so pissed. It’s an important part of the book!! My mom doesn’t really care but it totally bugs me. and green eyes are way hotter than blue ones!

  130. Incredibly great article. Honest.

  131. gaa

    Many people have brown and little bit green which i don’t consider green eyes… Green eyes are all green with no brown, blue or other color in them so they are really rare and most asians and black people that have them have pretty much brown in them so it doesn’t count as 100% green eyes!!

  132. Ashley

    I must be really lucky, my whole family comes from scottland, we’re pure scottish family =] my great great great grandad had green eyes, the only one out of family until now =P i have green eyes, my dads side of the family are 95% all brown eyed the rest are dark grey and my mums side 98% blue/yellow-ish eyed the rest being just normal blue, my older brother has blue and my other one has brown =] im the only green-eyed person in my family in ages! woot woot! 😀

  133. Alystyr

    actually they tried green contacts, but contacts were so iritating and hurt on daniels eye, so they had to stick to blue

  134. Dae

    OMG when I saw this blog I loved it. The earlier posts mentioning Melrose Plant made me laugh. I’d always imagined what he would look like(as well as Jury, Wiggins, and Vivian Rivington). I love those books, but no one else I know does so it’s nice to find kindred spirits…

    I have green, green eyes and love them. They are my best feature, and I get ALOT of compliments about them, though my favorite eye color is brown.

    I was super miffed when I saw that Harry Potter didn’t have green eyes particularly after how JK Rowling mentioned how Harry had Lily’s eyes, and they were green!!! I know Daniel Radcliffe might not have been able to wear contacts b/c of his age or whatever but hello…. do we not have CGI? Would that really have been such a problem? They could easily have changed the color in post production. Am I wrong or what?

  135. LovelyPinkDaisy

    Oh I know, Harry Potter not having green eyes bothered the crap outta me, still does as a matter of fact. And to make it worse, I bought the Harry Potter movie set (1-6) and I was looking at each cover, when I noticed on the Order of Pheonix, Harry has blue eyes while Ron has green eyes. I was practically steaming, is it that hard to slap on a pair of contacts? You are actors for goodness sakes, some have to do extreme alterations, contacts are not that hard. Wooh that felt good letting all that out, anyways to end off on a positive note, the 7th movie looks amazing! I can’t wait 🙂 also loved this article, so true, wish I have green eyes, mine are a dark brown.

  136. ello

    ahaha you guys are still talking about HP’s eyes? It’s been four years! 😀

  137. Amber lawler

    This is on the the speacal edition DVD of the first movie but on the first day of shooting the first movie they tried having Daniel wear contacts that would make his eyes the right color but unfortnatly Daniel was allergiec to them to the point where his eyes watered constently and he could bearly see so they had to ditch the contacts. Oh and using the computer to re colorize his eyes would have not worked becsoue he is in almost every shot of every movie so it would have costed to much.

  138. Ashley

    I’ve always noticed that Harry Potter has blue eyes!! I hate that, and in the first movie, where it shows Lily in the mirror of Erised, HER EYES ARE GREEN, but Harry’s are brown. Lovely.

  139. Ashley

    ^^^ ((Comment above, fixing my mistake)) I said his eyes were brown, I meant blue. Sorry! 😀

  140. Friday

    Yeah, it really annoys me that he has blue eyes, and I’m sure if they knew HP would be a big hit, they would’ve put more effort into changing the colour of them, but as it stands, no such luck…. The eyes might not be the most important thing in the movie, but if he had green eyes it would add to the magic of bringing the books alive. People who say it’s no big deal don’t know really understand the meaning of the word “fan.” My little sister was 10 last year, and the year before that her teacher read the first HP book to the class. She didn’t fancy it much, so never continued them. But last year, I looked at the box of one of the movies and then at my sister. I asked, “What colour is Harry Potter’s hair?” And she told me, “Brown.” No, it’s jet black. They completely butcher Harry Potter! No black hair, no green eyes, barely noticeable scar… I mean, really? Oh, and the green eyes DID have a hidden meaning. Snape probably wouldn’t have hated Harry so much if he didn’t look like a duplicate of his father+Lily’s eyes. Then again, his death scene, and his last words, are what Snape fans find most fascinating about him. I’m just saying, green eyes would be a definite improvement….

  141. meylis

    Yeah I hate it too! The green eyes is such a big part in the books, everyone says that he has the same GREEN eyes like his mother, but in the movies it seems like they haven’t heard of a little thing called contacts. SERIOUSLY?

    btw: I also hate that Hermiones hair is getting blonder and straighter for every movie they make. And that Harrys hair is almost brown now. Well well… 😦

  142. meylis

    hahaha I know this is kinda pathetic, but I just have to say another thing that bothered me.

    In the last movie (HP AND the half blood prince), when they were writing their names on the DA-list, Rons handwriting were very neat (but in the books they say that it’s very sloppy) and Hermiones writing was kinda ungly. It should be the other way!

    hahaha, NOW I’m done. sry if this bored you to death:)

  143. I am also green-eyed person and I like my eyes 😉

  144. green eyes specially those deep green ones are very unique and very attractive. i really love those -“”

  145. Amanda

    The reason his eyes arent green in HP is because Daniel Radcliffe can’t wear contacts. Just so you guys know >.<

  146. elise

    you are so right! and yet no one say any thing – it infuriates me!
    i have blue/grey eyes that ive never minded much but my mom has dark green eyes (not the liquid clear kind – the kind with scars and texture -wrong word sorry) which i think make her look truely beautiful (though admittedly im slightly biased her being my mom and all) and my has darkish green eyes which i find so hard describing – not hazel or brownish but green with yellowy streaks and stuff. i would love to have my moms green eyes but no such luck.
    daniels eyes are a lovely blue (rimmed) but i still love the idea of jet black hair and dark green eyes… swoon….
    and the weasleys hair really bugged me at first! the twins have to dye their hair ginger because their not naturally, you would think the dye could be a little more vivid! weasley red 🙂
    wow i ranted just a little … heeeeee

  147. vini

    emmmmmm,………. i think less interesting, cuz ot many photos

  148. Amanda

    Actually, Vivienne Leigh had blue eyes.

    In 1936, when it came time to cast an actress for the green-eyed Scarlett O’Hara in Gone With The Wind, producer David Selznick went through an enormous two-year talent search looking at all the top actresses of the day. The final choice for the green-eyed Southern belle was a blue-eyed English actress named Vivien Leigh.

    As production kicked into gear, in 1939, it suddenly occurred to Selznick that films were now in color. Technicolor had only introduced its groundbreaking three-color process for live action films in 1934, five years before, so Selznick could be forgiven for letting it slip his mind.

    Rather than entertain the thought that the eye color of the main character may not be the most important aspect of a movie, Selznick pressured Monty Westmore, the makeup artist, to cover his ass on this one. He would call Westmore repeatedly at three in the morning and other odd hours, to explain that Vivien Leigh’s eyes were still not green. Fans of the book would apparently settle for nothing less.

    Rather than wait decades for the introduction of colored contact lenses, the unfortunate Westmore, the cinematographer and the costume designer struggled to do their jobs using a combination of lens filters, reflective green costumes and enough green eyeshadow to drown a grown man.

  149. Tara

    If you look at this pic really close or make it a very small picture you can see that his right eye is blue and his left eye is definantly green…I have had my pictures taken in the past and with different lighting my eyes change colors.From far away my eyes look blue but if you get in closer they are clearly green…its just the lighting on his right eye.

  150. Sophia

    Hmmm….well my dad has one green eye and one blue eye, my brother has bright blue eyes, my sister has green eyes, and my mom has hazel eyes. My eyes change color depending on what I wear. From pale green, to dark blue, to bright gray. Sometimes one looks blue and the other looks green. Is that…um…even normal?

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  152. Sofie

    Harry Potter has green eyes because Daniel could not get used to contact lenses. But I do not see many problems with that because I fall among those deep blue eyes … I’m from Sao Paulo, Brazil, like Juli, and I agree with her. Green eyes are typical. I myself have German ancestry, so I’m blonde, but I’m not completely green eyes. Mine are hazel green … as the eyes of my father and my grandmother.

  153. francis

    i know you get your eye color mostly from your genetics but my mother has brown eyes and my dad has blue eyes and most my family has brown and blue eyes so im not shure were i get my eyes from ^_^

  154. Nixi Carter

    My grandma has green eyes but no one else in my family has them. I have a cousin with blue eyes and my little sister has hazle eyes. Those three really stand out in my family that I can think of. If knowing some one whose eye color changes green, blue, and hazle, does that count? Lol. Yeah, green eyes are hard to find and Harry was probably wearing colored contacts to try them out of something, who knows?

  155. Charlotte

    I have always had a problem with the fact that Daniel’s eyes are blue and they should be green. However it bugged me more that the kid actress for Lily had brown eyes. They the kid didn’t need any acting abilities she just need red hair and green eyes. I do however think your over reacting on the red hair of Jenny and the twins. As people get older their hair color changes, and most of the time it darkens. (That’s why real blondes are hard to find. Most of the ones you see have to due their hair to keep it that color). One thing you didn’t mention was the insane bleaching of Draco’s hair. That was absurd. I know his hair was supposed to be so light it’s almost white but they made it completely white.

  156. E

    Well there is a perfectly good explanation for the absence of green eyes in Harry Potter, and JK Rowlings approved of the change as long as Harry’s mother should she ever be cast was to be given the same eye color as Radcliffe. They tried using green contact lenses but Radcliffe turned out to be allergic to them and he was already cast for the role.

  157. My sweet MOM has green eyes, the only one with a family of brown eyed daughters and grandchildren. They are special, but not because they’re green. Mom is special!

  158. Judi

    Another Hungarian with green eyes, we have a whole family (8) with varying degrees of green eyes. Mine are pale green, my daughter has a darker moss green, my husband (Scots) has hazel.

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