He said vagina.

“I don’t want to say it’s girly, but I promise you ladies, she knocked it right out of the vagina with this one.”

I mean, how do I follow that?

I was up until the wee hours of the night last night because Why Moms Are Weird wouldn’t let me put it down.

Why Moms are Weird

Pamie (screenwriter, television writer, Internet goddess and author of Why Girls are Weird)is like that. Her writing, it’s just so — fast and quick and funny and effortless to read. And next thing you know, it’s the middle of the night and you’re closing the book and it’s the middle of the night and you had no intention of staying up so late —

And do you know how great that is?

If you’re a writer, you do. You know that it gets harder to find books that sweep you in so quickly and make you forget everything else that’s going on. And there’s not a lot more you can say about it than that, and you hope that people will understand that this is a superb recommendation; this means, this is a freaking good book and you must read it.

Especially since Irwin has already given it the best blurb ever.

He said vagina.


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10 responses to “He said vagina.

  1. I’m wondering if this is the same Pamie from Austin who had the online journal years ago. It was hilarious and addictive, and one day she just yanked it. Poof. Gone. I always wondered what happened, where’s this chick, she’s so talented?

  2. That’s her. She’s at http://pamie.com and she is blogging again! She’s living in LA and is a working tv writer/screenwriter/etc. except when she’s unemployed. Um. Yeah!

  3. Ah, so glad I found her new digs. I gotta go get her books. I’ve been meaning to ask about her, but I couldn’t remember the name of her old diary.

  4. squishy

    And yes, you do have to get her books!

  5. Checking out your mileage chart. Very impressive! Oh wait, that’s a decimal point, not a comma. Well, it’s still darn good. I totally dig the green mileage.

  6. Hey, I started at “hadn’t been on bike since 16 years old, never used bike with hand brakes or gears” and have worked up to “stay on bike without falling off when I stop!” That’s progress!

  7. gruiyt

    Absloute bullshit!!

  8. A character on Grey’s Anatomy uttered the line, “Stop looking at my va-j-j!” Did Pamie write that one? Later, I heard Oprah refer to vagina as a “va-j-j” and she said, “We all know where that comes from, right? Grey’s Anatomy.”

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