I just ordered a bike.

I ordered this bike because the resident storm chaser is convinced that this is the way to go. It doesn’t have chains — it has gears. It’s called “shaft drive technology.” I don’t know anything about it except that nobody in Dallas sells it, nobody knows anything about it, and if it ever needs repairs I suspect I am up a creek.

But that’s okay, since the resident storm chaser is paying for it, and since I know nothing about bikes anyway, I am just excited to have one on its way to me.

So anybody know anything about them? Any opinions? Speak up, please!


I chose this particular model because it’s a hybrid and supposedly will ride on trails and road, both.

The Ricochet is silver and the resident storm chaser liked the way it looks better, but it seemed to just be for roads, and I said, “Get whatever you want, but when I’m tearing down dirt trails and you’re stuck on asphalt, don’t say I didn’t warn you!”

So he got one like mine, only without the sissy girl frame.

I considered getting a boy frame because the guy at the bike shop told me that they’re usually easier to sell if you decide to sell, and if you want to loan it somebody, a lot of guys wouldn’t ride a girl bike. (He said that last thing like it was a bad thing.)

I considered being all tomboy and getting a guy bike, but then I saw that my size was back-ordered and I am not waiting a few weeks just to have a guy bike. So what if I have a sissy bike, bite me!

You can read more about them at Dynamic Bicycles, and if you order one by June 2, you can get free fenders and bike rack, too! Woo-hoo!

Or you can buy some of them from LLBean, but they cost a little more (with cheaper shipping, but it still works out to more) and no free goodies if you order by June 2.

Oh yeah, how bad is this? I went to Richardson Bike Mart to make sure I was ordering the right size bike even though I wasn’t buying it from them. I know, that’s bad, isn’t it? But I bought a helmet, gloves, cable/lock and a water bottle from them. Maybe that’s better. (Even though I’d rather buy it at REI and get my 10% back at the end of the year!)

So I feel better about it all.

Now. Where is that bike?

Waiting is so hard.


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16 responses to “Runabout

  1. Something about a shaft drive bicycle just spooks me, somehow.

    Was there some major shortcoming in chain drive technology that has somehow eluded my notice for all these years? Aren’t those worn gears more prone to wear and damage than the big gnarly exposed toothy gears meshing into link chain? What sort of stress can that drive shaft take? Cuz dammit I’m a pwerful man and I am sure — totally certain — I could easily twist any mamby pamby bicycle drive shaft like a warm Twizzler. I’m so powerful I have been known to sometimes take steps two at a time… even while going uphill.

    Plus it looks funky.

    I bet some German designed it. Whenever there’s a more complicated way of doing something, odds are a German invented it.

  2. Chains evidently sometimes fall off, have to be greased, and then get grease on you. Or something. Don’t ask me!

    Do you ride bikes? Or are you just making fun of mine?

  3. I’m planning on getting one of these: Breezer Uptown, with the U-frame, for around town spinning.

    So-called comfort or commuting bikes are finally taking some big steps forward here in the States!

  4. Oh, I love that. And I love the red, too.

    Now I’m checking out biking jerseys and gasping at the prices (and picking some out, of course).

    And here is a dorky question. Are you supposed to get a helmet that matches your bike’s color? Or do you just choose a color you like? I haven’t the foggiest.

  5. p.s. this is the jersey you need with that bike!

  6. No, you want this jacket, in Screaming Yellow. Drivers will see you. Pedestrians will see you. Astronauts on the International Space Station will see you.

    Re: Helmets: get one that fits (properly!) that you like. There are plenty of colors and styles to choose from. You can match if you wish. As I have two bikes (purple and green), soon to be three I hope (red), I do not match. I have a grey helmet.

  7. I won’t be wearing a jacket for several months — I’m looking for the lightest coolest stuff around. Dallas. Summer. Yuck. However I did order a screaming yellow jersey, so that’s good.

    Damn. I guess I have to delete that cute retro red shirt.

  8. Wow I have been wanting a bike ever since they started playing those infomercials on that bike that does the auto shifting.
    Not that bike. A bike. I’m too lazy to go out bike shopping and measuring and all that, though.
    Let us know how you like that one.

  9. Oh, I haven’t seen those infomercials. Auto-shifting, huh? With this one, you just twist the handlebar to shift gears. I think I can handle that. I hope.

    And actually, on the website they told me which size I needed from my height. I didn’t trust it and went to the bike shop — of course, I ended up ordering the same size that the site told me to.

    But there’s a guy at REI down on LBJ who is GREAT. He kept adjusting a bike while I rode it around the parking lot. He kept tweaking and adjusting — and it ended up riding like a dream. That’s the part that worries me more than anything — not having anybody to do that. Although that guy at REI was so nice, maybe if I buy a bunch of other stuff, he won’t mind adjusting a bike I didn’t buy from him? Um, maybe not.

  10. Me? A bike rider?

    Good one!

    No, I was mocking.
    clarified like butter B

  11. Well, a couple of weeks ago my bike didn’t like a wet spot and through me onto a concrete sidwalk fracturing my elbow and hitting my head hard. So, two things: 1) WEAR A HELMET! (Color optional. Just know I wouldn’t be here if I hadn’t worn one), and 2) wear a GOOD helmet! (can’t emphasize that enough). Gloves are also good–protected me in the fall. Wish I had worn some elbow pads, though I don’t know if they would have helped or not. But I’m getting some if I ever go out again. Lights are also good, front and back and are easy to install. A tire pump is good too. Mine are always getting low and I carry a spare CO2–had to use it twice. I know a lady who broke her collarbone third ride out. Not trying to scare you. Just saying BE CAREFUL and don’t try anything you don’t feel you’re ready for. Looks like a nice bike. Would like to know how the shaft drive thing works out. I’m ready to sell mine.

  12. Young Kim

    I heard that these hybrids get great gas mileage.

    Post pics of you riding a bike please.

  13. Congratulations on the bike! I’ve been a bike commuter for a number of years (it’s only 15 minutes to the university from my house) and not a day goes by when I don’t feel good about a) not polluting, b) not using gas, c) getting exercise, and d) enjoying the ride/smells/views/etc. I think that, as a nation, we’re going to see a lot more bikes as oil prices continue to soar (google “peak oil”).

    Regarding buying from the Local Bike Shop (LBS), I decided way back to buy from them, even when their prices are higher. Interestingly, you *can* negotiate with them and get them to match (or come close) to advertised prices. The plus of buying locally: You get priority and care when it comes to service, which bikes do require.

    Good stuff! Now to check out the bikes you got…

  14. Brett, you mocker you. I’m out to save the planet and you mock.

    ronnie, oh dear. That’s so scary. I know a guy who got hit by a car riding his bike to work in Hollywood. He was very very banged up, hospitalized, the works. He went back to riding, though. Have you been riding a long time? I hate to think of you giving up something you like, unless you don’t like it. Still, I’d be pretty shellshocked and bike-shy myself, I’m sure.

    Young. Yes. FANTASTIC gas mileage. You will not see a pic of me riding a bike. Ever.

    Matt — that’s all very reassuring. I honestly have no plans of riding on busy streets — the thought of riding on Dallas streets is pretty horrifying. We aren’t known for being a bike city. I don’t know what I’m doing. I will ride in the neighborhood or haul my bike to the lake to ride the bike trail around it. (Small lake — I think the trail is somewhere around 10 miles long.)

    I’m doing this for fitness, weight loss and fun. Oh yes, and to save the planet.

    I hope it’s fun, because if it’s not, I won’t do it. It was fun riding the parking lot at REI. That counts for something, I hope.

  15. viscountslim

    I got a chainless bike last year and they’re AWESOME. Ignore the bike snobs who try to shame you about how the chain would be so much better if you’d just maintain it properly. I don’t maintain my chain properly, and I own that, and therefore a driveshaft is about a million times better for me. And for you too, I hope.

  16. I like it. You can get them online for $300 to $500. I first saw them on infomercials, but apparently they are selling nicer enthusiast versions now.

    I expect they are kind of heavy, but should last forever. The only downside is they are single speeds, unless someone has a hub gear bike out now.

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