My First Verbs (tagged)

Scriptweaver tagged me.

Anyway, this meme is called the YOUR FIRST VERBS MEME and was started by fellow Texan Brett at A BUCKET OF LOVE. The idea is to list the first ten verbs in a screenplay to see how passive or aggressive you are. Take a stroll over to Brett’s blog to get a better explanation.

(I note that Brett is from Katy, Texas. Home to this girl and this girl, which maybe makes up in some way for being close to Houston, but I digress.)

So, my first ten verbs from a new script, THE KARMA ACCOUNTANT:


Which brings me to the tag part.

Covering my eyes, spinning in a circle, pointing at:

nic and chris (hey, congrats!) and max.



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8 responses to “My First Verbs (tagged)

  1. nic

    Done and done. though I’m scrapping to find people to tag. What do I win?

  2. I think you win a prize just for having such aggressive verbs. Wow!

    And stick around, somebody will wave their arm wildly and say, “Tag me, tag me!”

  3. nic

    I dunno how aggressive they are, they’re no STABBING or anything, but I like yours, they’re very auditory. I think I whiff on the sounds sometimes.

  4. Well, Brett (the guy who started the meme) was referring to them as passive vs. aggressive, thus, yours are aggressive, baby. Own it. (Plus, I’ve read the script. Whoa. Aggressive!)

  5. Brett (the guy who started the meme, aka ME) also is a moron, so try not to read very much at all into anything he says.

    Very weird. I only found this site by… well, “research,” and already I’m scratching my head that the little meme which had seemed to die so peacefully on my site has sprouted wings and drifted to hitherto unknown corners of the scribosphere.

    And Katy TX is also home to Frank “Trading Places” Bielec, and yes I’ve encountered Frank a few times while out and about (mall, etc) and having a convo with Frank live and in person creates a little bit of post-traumatic disconnect, as you wake up the next week and start mumbling to yourself about “wow– shouldn;t that have seeme d a little more weird at the time? Is that a warning sign that it DIDN’T?”

    Per usual, I digress,

  6. Welcome to here, Brett. Always room for more Texans!

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